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When John was in the hospital all I see is the big Bee smiling next to his face so in a way it is a double gift.......I now realize even more how much comfort it gave to me.

- Karen V., Roswell, GA

Hi to the Queenbee, both my orders were huge successes! Again, many thanks for such a sweet product, I will definitely use it in the future.

- Lily, Auburn, AL

I just want to thank you for giving the beautiful pillowcase to my son, Conrad. My son left for Afghanistan 3 weeks ago, and on Thanksgiving I had our family each write a little message on the pillowcase in permanent ink so that he could go to sleep each night with the love of his family right under his head.

- Ronnie S., Grand Terrace, CA

As a cancer survivor of 6 years, can really relate to the "flower and food" gifts that I received--too exhausted to take care of the flowers, and the food, which I had no appetite for. I truly think your idea is so great and know you will be a huge success.

- Marsha H.

I received the Bee Well package last week and brought it over to my mom. She loves it! Your products are wonderful.

- Diana P., Hailey, ID

What a cute surprise to receive the Bee Well pillowcase! Peter will use it because his head is on a pillow for many hours while recovering. And we both smile when we see the big smiling bee on the side!!

- Patty P.


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